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Ron TiffenDedicated to promoting human rights and enhancing service outcomes through various roles, Ron has expertise in designing and implementing Alternative Dispute Resolution approaches that have demonstrable success in resolving complex disputes. Ron has a particular interest in helping service providers and families work together to improve service outcomes.

Ron commenced social work in the areas of family support, child protection and youth. He has held leadership positions in major policy and research areas including Ministerial Advisory Committees, the Office of Research and Social Policy, the Child Protection Branch and the Alcohol and Drugs Policy Division. As Regional Director, Department of Human Services (DHS) his responsibilities included funding allocation and operations management in disability services (client services and accommodation including congregate care facilities), mental health services, public housing, child protection, acute health, indigenous services and a range of primary care and community programs.


  • Nationally Accredited Mediator, Australia
  • Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and Mediation (La Trobe University)
  • Masters Degree in Social Work (Melbourne University)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Melbourne University)
  • Additional training includes Working with High Conflict Personalities, Conflict
  • Coaching, Neurobiology and Social Psychology.

Key positions held

  • Practice Leader, Office of the Disability Services Commissioner, Victoria
  • Team Leader, Office of the Public Advocate, Advocacy and Guardianship
  • Regional Director, DHS, Grampians Region and Southern Region
  • Executive Manager, Child Protection Program, DHS
  • Executive Manager, Alcohol and Drugs Policy Division, DHS.

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